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The ClearHealthWA project was initiated to provide the public with better and clearer information regarding the health services available at Washington state hospitals. Washington residents should have easy access to accurate health care information!

As public advocacy organizations, we are working to have hospitals complete, post on their websites, and submit to us a simple checklist of health services, so that Washington health care consumers know where they can obtain the health care they need. 

At present, hospitals in Washington State are required to post on their websites and submit to the Washington State Department of Health their policies on reproductive health, end-of-life care, and nondiscrimination. These policies may be found here.  The organizations that initiated ClearHealthWA have reviewed all of the policies and, unfortunately, found many of them to be vague and unclear.  Since the majority of policies do not provide sufficient information to the public, we initiated this project to fill the gap in information for Washington health care consumers.

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