How to Use the Information on

There are two types of documents that you will find on this website. First, for each hospital, we have completed our simple checklist based on an analysis of each hospital’s policies. These are found under Hospitals.  Unfortunately, the most commonly “checked” box in our analyses was “policy unclear.” This speaks to the vital need to provide health consumers with more and better information.

The second type of document you will find on this website are checklists that the hospitals have filled out and submitted to us.  We contacted all of the hospitals listed on this website and asked them to fill out our simple checklist, and to the extent they have done so those checklists are posted here under “Checklist.” These checklists should provide health consumers with clear information regarding the services provided at the hospital. 

If your local hospital does not have a checklist on this website, it means they have not responded to our request that they complete our checklist. You deserve clear and complete health care information and are not receiving it!  We will continue advocating for transparency from these hospitals. We encourage you to take action by sending a letter or e-mail to your hospital calling on them to fill out the checklist. A sample letter and hospital contact information can be found under Take Action